Thursday, 31 March 2011

Local Heroes

For me as i want to work as a humanitarian photographer it makes sense for me to use the FMP to break into this field.

I have began to work for an Eating Disorder charity as part of my Individual Practice which has seen me producing a campaign for them to be used in their media and for my brief at uni.

An example of this is shown here:

I intitially wanted to expand my work with Seed/Breathe (the eating disorder charities) for my FMP but for several reasons this would have been too easy and wouldnt have fulfilled the South Africa brief very well.

One thing i have become more aware of during this brief is that the people who run these small local charities are very selfless hardworking people who have a genuine concern to eradicate the issue, with my main passion being for portraits i thought about portraits of Volunteers or organisers at a charity.

One of my initial ideas was to photograph volunteers or people who run charities, giving their time to help others


I wouldnt necessarily photograph international volunteers, but local heroes who have achieved something amazing by being selfless and giving their time to help others.

In the end I decided not to do this as it didnt seem enough for my FMP and I wanted something that i was totally passionate about.


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