Friday, 25 March 2011

Fashion Photography- Inspiration and Influences

For the Fashion brief i have produced a sketchbook containing a small amount of research appropriate to what i am doing.

I found it easier to produce a blog in addition to this to show some of the images that have inspired me.

Oliviero Toscani:

This work has had a huge impact on the Fashion brief. It made me think about the different ways to communicate a message. I think it is very clever to use images that are seemingly unrelated to the products of Bennetton. The images show various glimpses of integral parts of humanity and appeal to us as individuals rather than a group of consumers. They paint the picture that Bennetton is ethical and fair, a brand for every human being, regardless of who they are or race, colour, nationality. The images make us think and draw us in looking for answers, they may be sometimes contraversial and subject to endless complaints, but these campaigns are famous for that and have certainly got the Bennetton name out there. It would be appropriate to say here that there is no such thing as bad advertising.

Alexander Mcqueen

Mcqueen has inspired me for his radical non conformist approach to fashion. It isnt his work that inspired me as much as his attitude and what he achieved by being true to himself. His work was contraversial and slated by critics for his shocking fashion shows and reluctance to stick to the rules. In the end he sadly eneded his life. I have quite strong views about the fashion industry and i think the death of Mcqueen added to this. His story perhaps illustrates the pressure of fashion and the constant need for something new and better.

I wanted to somehow show my distaste for the industry, yet still produce images that appear to be fashion. I needed to use this brief to tell a story of the negative and much less glamorous side to fashion.

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