Friday, 25 March 2011

Initial Research

It made sense for me to combine the two briefs for FMP (Final Major Project) and the South Africa brief, both in the way of a realistic timescale and also to ensure that i produced the best possible outcome for both.

In a way this has made it more difficult for me in coming up with initial ideas, because i have to satisfy two briefs, the FMP being very open and the South Africa brief being open but the emphasis being on showcasing an aspect of the Northwest in a postive light.

Firstly i thought of producing photographs in Blackpool, with it being a very 'typical' english sea side town and envisioned old couples by the sea eating fish and chips, elderly ladies having tea and cake, candyfloss stands, men in kiss me quick hats etc....

This was inspired by images such as these by Martin Parr:

Although some people think that Martin Parr mocks a certain level of society in these images, i like his matter- of- fact style of photography, although i would have to be careful to portray people in a fairly non-judgemental way.

After looking at this I decided that it was more important to research South African photographers as it would be interesting to see how they see things as this would affect how my work is viewed in Cape Town and I need to see what kind of work is being produced there.

This work is by Joao Silva from the Bang Bang club, a Portugese photojournalist based in South Africa and part of the bang bang club:

Kevin Carter was an award winning South African photojournalist. This is his most famous photograph for which he won the Pulitzer prize. Its truth is still disputed and to this day contraversial.

I also looked at a photographer named Roger Sedres who is based in cape town and works as a photojournalist there, here are a few examples of his work:

It struck me that his work is more contemporary in style than i imagined. I suppose it would be unfair to think that because someone lives in a developing country that their practice would reflect this in quality. I wouldnt say I necessarily like his work but i think it has given me an insight into the type of Photography that is being produced in Cape Town.

Lizane Louw

This is another photojournalist I found, based in Cape Town. Her work is much more in keeping with my photographic style so I found it interesting to look at her work and what she is doing.

The below image I think is really powerful, this has shown me a glimpse of how talented some of the Photographers are in Cape Town, this motivates me more to produce something that will impress people at the exhibition.

Rashaad Staggies' daughter was shot in a police raid, in Bonteheuwel.

The mystery shots that landed Ingrid Jacobs in hospital with two wounds in the stomach was allegedly fired by the police. The incident happened when the police raided a well known tik-den in Safraan Street in Bonteheuwel.
An official attempted murder docket was opened, after it came to light that one of the bystanders filmed the shooting.
Igrid was watching the raid through metal plates serving as a wall when the shots were fired.

The police arrested 10 alleged drug dealers and confiscated illegal substances and money. Six grams of tik with a street value of R2 000 and R1 800 cash was found.
The investigation continues.

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