Friday, 25 March 2011


I started to look at other campaigns used by charities, for inspiration and to see how they get the message across:

I think this is quite clever but they are definitely using shock tactics to achieve the effect, this isnt unusual though for charity campaigns.

Again, this uses shock but not to get the viewers attention. The attractive naked Jamelia is used to pull in the viewer then as we look closer we see what the campaign is about.

Another fairly shocking image to draw the viewer in to read the information about domestic abuse.

These images got me thinking about how much work goes into an image like this before it is produced into a campaign. Everything must be considered in great detail to make sure it conveys the message with maximum impact.

Another photographer who works in this field is Oliviero Toscani, his anorexia campaign caught my eye when I was researching for the fashion brief. His photographs are very simple but given the models heavily emaciated body, there isnt much need for anything else, she says it all.

It isnt just the Anorexia work that interests me of Toscani's. I find his Benneton work quite inspiring for the way that he produced advertising campaigns and did this by pointing out glimpses of humanity. His work makes the viewer ask questions and ultimately drags us in as we try to work out what the hidden message is. This is certainly one way to get people to notice campaigns and it created the sense that Benetton were reaching out to the individual rather than the masses. It said that they were for everyone human, regardless of race, colour, caste or nationality. The campaigns are innovative in the way that they dont show the clothes which is the reason for the campain, but point out a bigger issue or vision of something that makes us human.

I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and knew that I would photograph people who had been affected by eating disorders, but I needed to research different lighting techniques. I wanted to portray a sense of drama and discomfort so I began researching dramatic lighting setups, here are some of the images that I looked at for their lighting:

Andrzej Dragan is a Polish photographer. Dramatic lighting and post production techniques give his personal portraits an animation. I love this lighting for documentary style images but i dont think its appropriate for this brief.

This lighitng would be effective, i think it would seem appropriate to have areas of extreme shadow to hide parts of the models body as this would work with the concept of people with eating disorders.

Here is another lighting setup with an image of the actual setup below it, I think this would be an interesting setup to try.

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