Friday, 20 May 2011

South Africa Exhibition

My FMP is being used for South Africa so I needed to think about how I would exhibit my work over there.
All plans are just initial ideas at this stage as the planning for South Africa will run beyond this brief.

I have shown an example of how I might set out my work, which can be found in my FMP box file, and i will show the final images here also.

The below images are the final edited images, they may not all be included in the exhibition in Cape Town as space couldnt be limited.

The first images are contextual shots to show the street itself and to help the viewer visualise the homes and lives of the people in the photographs.

It may not be clear on this shot but there is a security camera above the Beech Street sign that has been placed there by one of the residents. Whilst this set is intended to show a positive glimpse of life in the north west, this adds depth. It made me think about why the camera is there, is it the neighbors they dont trust or people walking through the street? The street isnt far from town and could mean that drunken people walk back from the pub or anyone causing trouble, but whatever the reason, these people feel the need to have a camera on their house.

After photographing the people of Beech Street i decided to add some depth and a glimpse into their lives, i didnt want to ask too many personal questions because many people were suspicious about the use of these images and i decided instead to ask them all the same question: "What does happiness mean to you or what makes you happy?" each persons answer seems to tell us a little more about who they are as a person. The answers are shown beneath each portrait.

"A nice cold can of beer"


"Our grandchildren, they are coming here any minute"

"Friends, family and plenty of money"

"Being healthy would make me happy"


"Security and my children's happiness"

"Im not paying for this am I?"

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