Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Iquitos, Peru- Short Film

After arriving back from i attended a 3 day workshop with Platform 2 and decided to set about presenting my photographs and finding a way to show people some of the terrible issues i had been faced with.

I decided to make a Short Film using stills which could be posted to you tube and seen by the general public, i would advertise this on facebook and through Christian Aid and hope that i could show people the poverty and sadness that i had seen.

Whilst at the workshop i started making my movie, and realised this completely tied in with the Photojournalism brief, so i have kept this in mind when producing the video and think it adds to the brief in offering some more back ground information. Although my final Photo Story is on a different topic, this video shows another story and shown in a way that the general public will find it easy to understand.

I needed more information so i could produce my film with the most accurate facts and information as possible, so researched the issues facing the people of Belen which is the Market town in Iquitos, Peru. I had already done my own research by asking local people whilst i visited the town but thought it would be more accurate to back this up further.

I found this video on you tube really interesting as it discussed all of the issues i had come across and showed a programme that was being used to help combat the struggles of these people. The main issues were:

-A huge problem with violence because it is such a poor area
-Malnourished children feeding from waste and catching deseases
-No jobs or healthcare
-Child Sex slaves very common in Iquitos
-Child Abuse

My video is shown below, although the link further down the page takes you to facebook for a higher quality.

This Video can be seen in higher quality at

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