Friday, 11 June 2010

Primary Research

I decided to make a start on making preparations to obtain primary research for the assignment, so used my guidance list as a starting point to begin contacting people.

My first call was to IWMN (Imperial War Museum North) where i called and asked to speak to Hilary- the head of the photographic archives, after gaining this contact from a talk i went to on Conflict and the Camera.
I was then directed to another department to be informed that she was based in London and given her contact number and the details of a man named Alan Wakefield.

I called and spoke to Mr Wakefield who was very helpful and more than happy for me to go and see him, he explained that the majority of the archives were held in London so there would be very little to see in Manchester. I advised him that i would like someone to show me around and explain how the archives work and suggested i spent the day there. I have arranged to go to meet him on July 9th at 11am.

As i am travelling to London i thought it would make sense to try and fit in some other visits whilst i was there, so i thought of spending a day at 8 Magazine.

As i read this magazine and find it both interesting and appropriate for my interests and this assignment, i think it would be very worthwhile to spend some time learning more behind the scenes of the printed magazine.

I found the contact details for them:

Unfortunately i had to cancel going to the Imperial War Museum as i had no time before leaving for Peru, and Foto 8 despite constant contact never got back to me about going to see them.

My essay topic has changed slightly now and is more specific to Ethics in Photojournalism so the two may not have been that helpful anyway.

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